Boanton has designed sets with various components to allow you to dress your watch according to your desires. By adapting and repairing your watch over time rather than over-consuming by buying multiple watches, you can contribute to sustainable living.

Our watches are designed and crafted with high-quality watch components, carefully selected for their durability, to be passed down from generation to generation, carrying with them all the memories.

In a world where all we do is buy, replace and throw away.

Corporate Social Responsibility

From its creation, Maison Boanton has been committed to developing a corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR) policy.

Our approach is based on considering the criteria of the B Corp label to lead our brand to incorporate social, environmental, and societal requirements.

Through this initiative, Boanton is implementing a concrete roadmap to contribute, as a socially responsible company, to a more sustainable and desirable future for our planet.